Winchester Mystery House Worth a Thrill or Two in San Jose, CA

Sarah Winchester had $20 million and all the time in the world after her daughter and husband both died of diseases that left her saddened, perplexed, and hell-bent on staying in touch with the friendly spirits who would guide her throughout her long life spent as a wealthy heiress to the Winchester fortune. The superstitious lady was intelligent (spoke four languages,) well bred, and she believed that the loss of her loved ones could somehow be tied to the misfortune caused upon the hands of those who were killed with the Winchester rifles the family manufactured.

Winchester Mystery House in San Jose is said to be the culmination of the lady's imagination, guidance through daily sťances, and massive fortune. Read more..>

The mansion was in a constant state of construction during her 38 years Sarah Winchester lived in the "Winchester Mystery House" in San Jose. Oddities include:
47 fireplaces
17 chimneys
Grand Ballroom built almost entirely without nails
curved walls
160 rooms
stairs that lead to the ceiling
doors that go nowhere and that open onto walls
staircase that descends seven steps and then rises eleven
chimneys that stop just short of the roof
constant ghost haunting reports

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