World's Largest Monopoly Game in San Jose, CA

If you like the concept of buying up all the property, becoming a greedy landlord and bankrupting everyone, there's a game that has your name on it-Monopoly. In today's world we all need a competitive edge and nowhere is that more true than in San Jose where a giant Monopoly game board sits on a prime piece of land near Adobe Systems and other mega-corporations.

Monopoly in the Park is the world's largest Monopoly game board permanently installed at Guadalupe River Park near Woz Way. The game board is made out of cement, allowing humans to step into the roles of game pieces and wear the thimble or shoe on their heads (attached to a hat,) then rolling a set of giant dice as they move forward along the board. Don't land on the "Go Directly to Jail" space or you'll have to wear the black &white striped jailbird outfit.

The game is available to rent for groups, parties, etc., and is located in a park not far from the Convention Center. It is one more variation to the world's most popular board game board challenge that is sold around the globe and comes in localized versions. In San Jose's giant Monopoly in the Park, many spaces on the game board are hosted through sponsorship and it is no surprise that a Real Estate company is one of the major sponsors!

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