Amazing Drum Barracks Civil War Museum Showcases California's Role

By C. MacDonald

WILMINGTON, CA-An actual Gatling Gun, rifles, swords, uniforms, barracks, handmade figures, antique dioramas, military illustrations, exhibits with "wow!" and so much more can be seen here at the incredible Drum Barracks Civil War Museum, housed in the last remaining wood building that was part of a 22 structure, 60-acre US Army Headquarters for Southern California and the Arizona Territory from 1862-1871.

But seeing the impressive structure and museum is only half the amazement. Hearing what the talented docents explain is even more sensational. Visitors learn how the Civil War produced the first workable machine gun, steel ship, snorkel, aerial reconnaissance, anti-aircraft fire, electrically exploded bombs and torpedoes, ironclad navies, repeating more>

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