Adelanto, Calif. Weather Information, Temps, Rain


Adelanto, California —If you're looking for a place to visit where it seldom rains, you might be in the right place in Adelanto, known for its warm summers and only 5.5 inches of rain annually.

Located in San Bernardino's high desert at around 3,000 feet elevation, the mountain location makes for low night-time temperatures in the winter and the occasional snow. While snow seldom accumulates, it is a thrill for locals to see the white stuff and enjoy a little bit of change. Summers can hover close to 100 degrees in July and August, and while it is hot, the good news is that the air is dry. Some think the climate is better for their allergies than the moister beach climates along the California coast.

With only 5 inches or less of rain annually, year-round outdoor sports  are extremely popular, especially when you know it isn't going to rain.

The highest recorded temperature was 116F in 2002 and the lowest recorded temperature was -1F in 1949. With average temperatures in March through May and October through November in the high 60s, 70s and lower 80s, plus the dry climate, there are definitely some optimum times to visit if you can choose.


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