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Adelanto, California in San Bernardino County sits on the edge of the former George Air Force Base (now Southern California Logistics Airport AKA Victorville Airport) in the high desert. Located in the Victor Valley, it got its name from the Spanish word meaning "progress". Adelanto is known for its warm summers and seasons that include winter--and even snow! Adelanto is located in the high desert at around 3,000 feet elevation, and averages minimal rainfall annually--only receiving around 5.5 inches. Sunshine nearly all year long means that when Los Angeles basin is socked in with fog, the high desert is a popular place to go to experience sunshine and blue skies that Southern Californians sometimes miss.

Known as The City with Unlimited Possibilities, Adelanto was founded in 1915 by E.H. Richardson. He invented what became the Hotpoint Electric Iron. In 1970 the City of Adelanto was incorporated and became the County of San Bernardino's smallest city.

Because of the fantastic weather, year-round outdoor sports and activities are extremely popular. Boating, water skiing, fishing, snow skiing, dirt cycling, and other such nature-oriented sports are favorites, thanks to over 30 parks for locals and visitors to go out and explore in a sportsman's paradise. High Desert Mavericks Baseball Stadium and Conference Center, Mojave Narrows Regional Park and 5 golf courses provide sports activities for a variety of athletes and interests, while boating and fishing at Silverwood Lake, Big Bear Lake, Lake Arrowhead, Lake Isabella, Lake Mead and the Colorado River offer an amazing variety of scenic settings.

Green Tree Golf Course and West Winds Golf Course are the local favorites in Victorville, approx. 8-10 miles from Adelanto.

If you've been bit by the fishing bug, then Adelanto is an ideal home-base for taking in a week's worth of fishing excitement. One of our favorites is Big Bear Lake, mainly because of the stunning mountain scenes that surround the lake.

Mountain skiing at Bear Mountain, Snow Summit, Snow Valley, Wrightwood/Mountain High, Mammoth Mountain, and June Mountain all offer great skiing not too far from Adelanto. The nearest mountain skiing is located in San Bernardino mountains at Big Bear Lake. The drive from Adelanto to Wrightwood and Snow Summit mountain skiing is around 50 minutes to either resort.

Hiking, camping and even rock climbing all surround or are located near Adelanto in San Bernardino, San Gabriel, and Sierra Nevada Mountains. The rock climbing is quite popular in Joshua Tree National Park where unique clusters of rock formations allow beginning climbers to take lessons and do their first climbs. East Mojave National Scenic Area, and Death Valley National Monument.

The Parks Department manages over 30 acres of developed park land and 5 parks. Parks in Adelanto include Adelanto Park, Richardson Park, Sunrise Motorcycle Park, Howard Loy Park, and Westside Park.

The City of Adelanto is located on US Highway 395, in the California High Desert, 35 miles north of San Bernardino via interstate 15. The city encompass approximately 52 square miles.

Adelanto, California Christmas Parade is held on a Saturday in Early December each year and features marching bands and Santa Claus. 

Distances from Adelanto to:
Ontario- 35miles
Riverside- 53 miles
Los Angeles- 85 miles
Long Beach- 99 miles
San Diego- 147 miles
Mexico- 155 miles
Las Vegas- 195 miles
Phoenix- 360 miles

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