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Victorville in the high desert 85 miles northeast of Los Angeles is located 2,875 feet above sea level. If you're looking to live in a place where its seldom rains, Victorville would be an excellent choice. Most years you'll experience no more than 5 inches of rain the entire year! But its High Desert location in the Victor Valley does bring less moderate climate than the beaches of Los Angeles and Southern California 100 miles away, especially in July when the average daily temperature in Victorville is 99 degrees (L.A. beaches average 70 degrees temps in July.)

Things level out to similar daytime temps in December through February, though nights in the high desert can drop an addition 10 to 20 degrees lower than the beaches. See weather data.

Victorville is located near the city of Barstow and its distance from Las Vegas is around 187 miles, taking approx. 3 hours by car. Millions pass through Victorville on 1-15 between Los Angeles/ Southern California and Las Vegas, Nevada, the playground for Angelinos. The City of Victorville is accessible via Interstate 15 and Highway 395, linking the city with all other areas of Southern California and to Las Vegas.

Victorville is a popular place for retirees who seek more affordable housing and warmer climate than the beach (yes some do actually move away from the beaches.)

Two Golf Courses in Victorville include Green Tree Golf Course, an 18-hole course and Westwinds Golf Course, a 9 hole course with putting greens.

Special events include one of the finest bluegrass festivals in the nation, Huck Finn Jubilee, held in June each year. Attracting top bluegrass musicians, those who play instruments also can attend workshops and jams, but the event isn't stuffy and boring with music its only focus. Themed for Huck Finn from a Mark Twain novel, there are fence painting contests and sessions, a jumping frog competition and cowchip throwing contest among the unusual things for all ages. A Huck Finn is selected for the event and this kid with jeans and a straw hat presides. There also is a Mark Twain look-alike.

The city has a great community services department that provides all kinds of classes for youngsters to seniors, and celebrates the seasons with events such as an Egg Hunt before Easter, and holiday festivities at Christmas.

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