Point Arena B Bryan Preserve


Point Arena B Bryan Preserve

Adorable, rare & precious–six Grevy's Zebra foals were recently born in California, something that rarely occurs in captivity, much less in California!  Like proud parents, B. Bryan Preserve in Point Arena, Mendocino County, is pleased to announce the birth of six Grevy's Zebra foals. Go see them!  Call: (707) 882-2297; email fmello@bbryanpreserve.com to reserve a tour or check out details on bbryanpreserve.com, where you'll also see the Guest Cottages available for vacations.


  • B. Bryan Preserve is a private AZA Certified conservation and breeding center for rare and endangered African Zebra and Antelope species.
  • Grevy's Zebra are the largest Zebra species and can be found in northeast Kenya and southwest Ethiopia.
  • They are now critically endangered, and are extinct in Somalia and Sudan.
  • The foals were born over a three month period by the same sire.
  • Grevy's are known for their narrow pin stripes and giant ears.
  • Rarely are there this many Grevy's Zebra foals born in captivity.
  • Currently B. Bryan Preserve has about 1 percent of the worlds Grevy's Zebra population.

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