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Monterey Bay Aquarium Jellies Experience

Monterey Bay Aquarium
886 Cannery Row
Monterey, California
(831) 648-4800

The Jellies Experience  

through September 2014


Jelly fish have always been a source of fascination at Monterey Bay Aquarium. Now an exhibit brings new focus on these graceful and mesmerizing sea creatures.   In 1992,  Planet of the Jellies,  a special exhibition that remains one of the most popular in aquarium history closed with requests for "more".

The Jellies Experience is a A $3.5 million special exhibition that features 16 species from around the world: crystalline comb jellies, Japanese sea nettles and many more. Stare face-to face with blubber jellies, Mediterranean jellies,  thimble jellies (with golden gonads), Indonesian sea nettles, hairy jellies, crown jellies, crystal jellies,  and occasional appearances by the spotted comb jelly found seasonally in Monterey Bay.

The Jellies Experience” immerses visitors in a world of animals that have no heads, hearts, brains, bones or true eyes yet have survived for hundreds of millions of years and rank among the ocean's major predators.

 Ocean Dance  gallery, Radiant Nature gallery, Delicate Danger  gallery and other twists and turns throughout the Aquarium facilities take you into a world of fiber-optic chandeliers to experience how jellies sting and eat their prey.

Jelly Fantastic lets you create electronic jellies before launching them into a virtual aquarium populated with other people's creations.

Jellies Explosion gallery features moon jellies and mirrored walls to create the feeling of swimming through a massive jelly swarm  while Light Show contains fluorescent, bioluminescent and iridescent jellies and corals.
The  7,000-square-foot exhibition with exhibits featuring 16 species of jellies and corals combines live displays with immersive experiences and hands-on activities created by the aquarium's award-winning team of exhibit designers and developers.

Parking/ Parking in Cannery Row parking garage three blocks away. (Passenger drop-off  Shuttle in front of Aquarium.) Free MST trolley service links the Aquarium with service: downtown Monterey, Pacific Grove and waterfront destinations daily during peak summer season. 

No service charge to print tickets at home or to pick them up on arrival. There is a small fee to receive tickets by mail. Local hotels also sell two-day tickets (at one-day prices) to their guests.

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