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Laguna Beach Studio Arts Gallery

Studio Arts Art Gallery
1200 South Coast Highway
Laguna Beach, CA

Laguna Beach, Calif.-- Fine glass art comes through years of training, studying and developing a unique style all your own. In the historic Pottery Shack building there's a dream gallery filled with glass--the culmination of a dream fulfilled by John and Rebecca Barber. The couple have operated a glass studio for over 30 years, learning crafting, creating, and training a few select students to improve their craft. Always hoping for a prime space on the main street of the city, the perfect spot opened up a few years ago and the Studio Arts Gallery launched its Coast Highway location in the hub of it all. Glass object d'art, sculptures and paintings are sold at the fine arts gallery representing the Barber couple's favorite artists, many from Laguna Beach and California.

John Barber has worked as a glass artisan for more than 30 years. His splendid bowls, vases and glass sculptures have brought joy to countless tourists, art buyers and locals who have seen the elegant items and were moved to purchase special fine art pieces ideal for gifts or home installation or placement. Lighting is key to showcasing the magic of glass, so be sure to get advice about how to light an object when you purchase it.

John Barber's glass art has been sold and shipped around the globe. In the Laguna Beach Studio Arts Gallery, there are a variety of glass items, including wine goblets and place settings ideal for elegant gifts. Weddings, birthdays and anniversaries requiring gifts that are a cut above the department store selection would be welcomed by anyone who appreciates the finer things.

John Barber creates glass art in a Laguna Beach studio not far from the gallery, and he continues to mentor and train students, helping them to learn the craft and hopefully one day become masters, as he has become.

Located in the old Pottery Shack building next to Sapphire Laguna restaurant, and pantry, a perfect luncheon or dinner can include dining at the restaurant where some of the glass art has been featured, then shopping next door at Studio Arts while you savor the experience.

Laguna Beach is an artist's mecca featuring monthly first Thursday Art Walks with around 20+ galleries opening their doors for the evening. Some serve refreshments and offer entertainment during the reception. A free bus shuttle transports walkers throughout Laguna Beach to access the many galleries spanning several miles.

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