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Oceanside, CA Murals - Things to See

Oceanside, California is a beautiful north San Diego County beach destination near Camp Pendleton. Oceanside Pier is one of the longest piers in California and a highlight to visits. The best way to experience the city is by taking a cruise down Interstate 101, the highway that runs directly through town, and you'll come across not only the attractions, but soak up the unique laid back atmosphere only experienced in this manner.

Stop at the Oceanside California Welcome Center to get maps and gain your bearings as to what to see and do. It is likely that you will come across murals painted on several buildings around town, including a mural shown in the picture, and located near the California Surfing Museum located at 312 Pier View (

Depicted in the mural above appearing on a building overlooking a parking lot is an Oceanside beach scene. Three postcard style images showcase three of the city's major attractions--the Oceanside Harbor, Mission San Luis Rey, and the beautiful Oceanside Pier. Palm trees, a surfboard, dog, and windsurfing are a few of the painted settings included in the blue-sky, sandy beach depiction of Oceanside.

The mural changes through time when the paint wears off, so you may see something quite different on your visit. But throughout time, the mural seems to always feature the city highlights. Another piece of public art worth checking out is located nearby in an open plaza next to Wyndham hotel & residences. It is an abstract sculpture of a surfer.

For more murals around town, don't miss the great art at the 101 Cafe.

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