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Do you want to learn about beautiful Oceanside, best imagined by its descriptive name?  We began our journey with the 101s of Oceanside, Calif. as we visited, walked around, tried restaurants, and took a drive down historic route 101.

Oceanside is a destination getting better by the minute. Begin your trip with a stop at the California Welcome Center. One of the nicest welcome centers in California, the helpers there are friendly and go out of their way to get answers to your questions if you don't have them.

Hospitality extends beyond your first stop and into your day as you drop by and check out exhibitions at the California Surf Museum.  Constantly changing with fresh, new exhibitions, we saw the board and swimsuit of a famous surfer who lost her arm to a shark. Seeing the bite in the surfboard was a bit alarming, but showcased the risks surfers take as they clock thousands of hours in the ocean.

Type of vacation: Oceanside provides a great beach vacation ideal for romance, family travel, kids and seniors, casinos.

Events: It is fair to say that Oceanside, the quintessential beach town is event-driven with many ocean, surfing, and beach themed events taking place throughout the year. Here are some annual events to look for, including Easter Egg Hunts.

Oceanside's crown jewel is its beaches and glorious Oceanside Pier. The pier makes for a great stroll, and is popular for free pier fishing, or dining at Ruby's at the end of the pier. The two-story Ruby's is a pride of ownership managed restaurant. The second floor feature some outdoor cafe tables with shade umbrellas and forever views of the blue Pacific Ocean.

Oceanside has many affordable hotels and is ideally located to downtown San Diego through public transit system trains--Coaster and Amtrak, which also connects to practically anywhere in the U.S.

There are countless things to do in Oceanside but some of the special things to see and activities to check are highlighted for you. Among them you'll find sports, dining, and even casino gambling.

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