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Just on the verge of trying to understand this rooster sculpture at the entry way near the Oceanside Pier, we didn't see what it was supposed to be. Hopefully the more perceptive individuals looking at this photo will know right away that the sculpture is slightly abstract and represents a surfer riding a wave. That interpretation is resoundingly what the concept meant to show, as most who see it know.

Oceanside is a mecca of surf living and the surfing themes run throughout town. Summers are right out of a classic film with Gidget and Moondoggie as local kids pile onto the beach for surfing camps.

Surfers from Oceanside compete and win lots of contests, and the city actually hosts some surfing contests annually.

But the shining star of surfing in Oceanside is California Surfing Museum. Representing the state of California and its surfing culture is a big task, but the surfing museum has succeeded by riding economic waves, and growing their museum holdings as they moved into a new space several years ago. The surfing museum is classic California in its displays, staff that exudes passion for the surfing sport, and special events that extend the mission into the public arena. In addition to local events, California Surfing Museum does outreach to surrounding cities and places.

If you are more interested in art than surfing, however, Oceanside Museum of Art at 704 Pier View is one more spot where you can discuss the sculpture pictured on this page. Also be sure to check out the painted mural on a side of a building next to the Surfing Museum.

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