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Bodega Bay is For The Birds

Tradition Made Famous by Alfred Hitchcock Movie

Bodega Bay is a scenic seaside tourist destination most recognized for the filming a famous B&W film, The Birds, from Alfred Hitchcock. If you haven't watched this movie, do so before heading on your vacation, as you'll gain an incredible appreciation for the setting.

For pure escape, the hotels in Bodega Bay are set on hills along the bay, with beaches beckoning nearby or on premise. As you arrive into town, there's great information and hospitality provided the Bodega Bay visitors center.

Popular restaurants in the city include bayside views and menus with lots of chowder, fish, steaks, and other favorites. Cocktails are a must for those who want to relax and soak up the local scenery and meet other travelers on vacation.

Bring a camera on this excursion because you feel compelled to begin taking snap shots of some of the interesting things old and new. Even in the creeping fog, the bay looks incredibly eerie, somewhat like a scary movie such as The Birds. Tippi Hedron, the main female character of the movie has made guest appearances in Bodega Bay from time to time to sign autographs and promote her favorite animal causes.

Sonoma Coast State Historic Park is located in Bodega Bay in the California State Parks Bay Area region.

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