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Bodega looks like just a bend in the road, and indeed, it is that. But it has a heart & soul, as well. This is the cute little inland village or town version of its sister city a few miles away at coastal Bodega Bay. There are some historic buildings, a couple shops, an artists' coop (was there when we last visited), and a meandering road dotted with hillsides and wildflowers.

It feels very much like the country, yet you know that the Bodega Bay beaches are just a short distance away. The region itself is amazingly uncrowded, a marvel or feat, considering it is not that far from San Francisco Bay Area. Since the bay area has so much land to explore and great beaches, there's probably no huge incentive in driving a bit north to Bodega and Bodega Bay.

It really is a beautiful getaway. When you go, plan to spend time exploring the little town and shops, then head coastal for Bodega Bay.

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