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Cloverdale is a small city in Sonoma County, right in the heart of wine country. Farms dot the landscape around town and the city which includes commerce, shopping and a vibrant small-town city life appeal, also feels quite rural and comfortable.

We stopped in Cloverdale on an emergency return one time to Oakland Airport from Eureka, Calif. Someone was ill and required we end our vacation early. I had to hop on a plane. With the cell communications hard to get a grip on and just hours before booking and catching a flight while driving toward the airport, we stopped in Cloverdale where we found a really nice travel agent.  They didn't really make anything on helping us with our dilemma, but they were very nice and accommodating.

For visitors passing through or stopping in Cloverdale, there are several unique events throughout the year (and seasons) worth visiting to see and enjoy. One of the springtime favorites it the annual Cloverdale Citrus Fair. It includes a carnival, rides & amusements, food and wine competitions, and the 4H and youth group participation. Having been around since 1892, it is "fair" to say that this tradition is years in the making!

Another fantastic Cloverdale events include Cloverdale Old Time Fiddle Festival, Cloverdale Annual Sculpture Exhibit, Friday Night Live, Cloverdale Farmers Market, Cloverdale Cruise, Sock Hop, Street Celebration Car and Motorcycle Show and seasonal holiday events. As of this posting, the Cloverdale Chamber of Commerce operates under the umbrella of the City of Cloverdale website, 

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