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Gilroy, California in Santa Clara County (home to cities such as San Jose, the 3rd largest city in California,) is located in the southern portion of the county along Interstate Highway 101. Less populated, Gilroy looks and feels almost rural. It has grown in the past decade but still retains much of its country charm.

One of the most popular tourist attractions isn't exactly an attraction but an event--the annual Gilroy Garlic Festival. Held each July for over 20 years, the event attracts thousands upon thousands of tourists. It is usually held a Friday through Sunday in July, and features garlic themed foods, vendors, competitions, cooking demonstrations and competitions, and live music. If you don't get to visit the festival, the reminders of it will be apparent as you drive through the region and smell the aroma of garlic growing in fields. You can't miss it (unless you sinuses are plugged up.)

The other attraction is the Gilroy Gardens, a themed botanic garden attraction and theme park with rides for children and adults. It was launched by an successful entrepreneur who had a passion, and has matured like threes within the theme park to reflect the changing world in which trees are being recognized as crucial to ecosystems and environments. Open daily through summer, the non-profit organization has limited hours during the rest of the year, so be sure to check before going.

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