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Orcutt, California, Where Old West Lives

Orcutt, a community south of Santa Maria that receives its services from the Central Coast's most populated city has the look and feel of an Old West town in its downtown area, though much of Orcutt features new residential communities. When Santa Maria needs to expand, it often grows south in Orcutt.

Considered one of the most desirable residential areas in Santa Maria, Orcutt is also known for its great schools. Family life is a way of life, and you will see that in a drive through middle income neighborhoods, affordable new retired living communities, and the larger ranch and country club style homes.

In 1904 William Warren Orcutt discovered oil in the region, working as a geologist for Union Oil. The climate and fertile land had, until that time, been used primarily for farming. Today farm fields slowly fade, though you can still drive along the highway just beyond the Orcutt bounds and see cattle grazing, and the Central Coast's cash cow, the wine grape crops growing abundantly in the Central Coast sunshine.

Bordered to the south by Clark Avenue and to the north by Blosser Avenue, roads signs on Interstate Highway 101 announce Orcutt exit. Shopping centers, grocery stores, and services all are available throughout Orcutt, with the greater shopping opportunities in Santa Maria.

Several favorite local restaurants include Addamo Tasting Room & Bistro, and the oldest, well known Jack's. This casual, two-room dining facility offers a large variety of American favorites and monster sandwiches (including Reuben Sandwich), soups, salads and large servings of pie displayed in a tall, refrigerated glass case as you walk in the door. People often order a single serving of pie heaped high with meringue and split it. (prepare for leftovers!) Jack's Restaurant & Bakery 156 S. Broadway Av. Orcutt CA 93455 (805)937-1871

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