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Petaluma was once the Egg Capital of California, and maybe even the US. The city today celebrates its egg heritage with an annual Eggs & Butter Festival, and many events that pay tribute to this food industry. Be sue to catch one of the annual events held usually in April.

What's old is new in Petaluma, a city moving forward, but preserving its past. The river front is a testimony to the beauty of the thriving city that is being redeveloped using the old buildings and storefronts to house new and unique businesses and restaurants.

Petaluma is simply charming. Be sure to take time to exit Interstate 101 north of San Francisco and grab a lunch, or take a drive around Petaluma. For those who have never been to this city, you'll fall in love with its unique character. And for those who recall Petaluma from years past, the present and future plans will amaze you. It's the kind of place you could pack up and move to....little bit country, and little bit city.

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