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Boyes Hot Springs, California

Boyes Hot Springs on the outskirts of the city of Sonoma in Sonoma Valley is known by tourists for the Sonoma Mission Inn, one of the nicest resort hotels in the Sonoma area. Boyes Hot Springs has a long tradition of resort living as an unincorporated town with an attraction tourists and locals have been drawn to--the geothermic hot spring


Vacations in Boyes Hot Springs are typically wine country escapes. Known for its open space, the small town that encompasses just over a square mile of land is located near the Sonoma State Park, and is a short distance to several other state parks.

It takes just over an hour and 10 minutes to get to Boyes Hot Springs from San Francisco or the beaches of Bodega Bay. The weather in this inland city can be warmer, dryer and reach 10 to 15 degree hotter during the daytime than its Bay Area counterparts to the south and west.

With Napa only 18 miles away from Boyes Hot Springs, the location is ideal for sampling the wines of both Sonoma and Napa wine regions that surround this scenic location. For close-by entertainment you'll find lots of opportunities for fine dining or casual fare both on location at the hotel and in Sonoma, where you'll find restaurants, shopping, and the historic Sebastiani Theatre ( built in 1933 on the town square.

Boyes Hot Springs is quite incognito and really seems like a part of the City of Sonoma to the uninitiated, so when you go, you'll feel like you're visiting Sonoma and will most likely spend a lot of your time enjoying its attractions (such as the Sonoma Mission,) restaurants and entertainment.

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