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Napa is a name known around the world. It is associated with "wine" and as such has a unique set of shoes (or wine bottles) to fill.

While wine country destinations have sprung in nearly every corner of the State of California thanks to the Pacific Ocean and its influences on weather required for growing delightful wine grapes, Napa continues to build on its brand as the premier destination for adults to escape to and go wine sampling & buying. Before you go, check out the average temperatures in Napa, helpful for packing clothes!

When visiting Napa, you may be taken by surprise. The downtown area isn't very large and like many cities, it has gone through renovations of its office and downtown spaces to entice visitors to shop, dine and spend.

There are several ways to visit and enjoy Napa. You can take a wine country tour on a day trip while visiting San Francisco. Riding on a bus, the tour takes you to several wineries and then brings you back to the city over an hour away.

Touring by car is the other method of visiting Napa. You will probably want to book a hotel room and spend at least one night, go out to dine, shop, and sample wines. Silverado Golf Resort also provides mellow sports activity among the hills of Napa wine country.

When visiting, beware that weekends and summers are peak times in which roads can jam and hotel rooms can be fully occupied. Always check ahead, and don't assume that you'll find a room.

Among the pleasures, CIA (not Central Intelligence Agency) but Culinary Institute of America, is a wonderful venue for special events. Shown in the photo is a candle-lit dinner with a rich, warm glow and ambience in red to match the color of wine.

Winters are cool and require a jacket at night, while summers are toasty--even hovering in the 90s during the day. Most wineries charge a small fee for sampling and practically all sale the wines on premise.

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