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Port Hueneme is a coastal city in Ventura County between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara Counties. Surrounding places you may have heard of include Oxnard & Ventura. The south-facing beach ideal for surfing includes a wooden fishing pier. The beach spans approx. 1 mile and is bordered by Port Hueneme.

Overlooking the beautiful Channel Islands National Park, the city includes a nice pier and green park at the beach that tourists can visit, stroll and enjoy. When walking along the beach near the pier, you may notice a unique sundial memorial tribute. The Hueneme Beach Sundial Memorial commemorates those who lost their lives on a flight offshore near Anacapa Island when an Alaska Airlines flight (#261) crashed at sea due to mechanical failures. Around 88 people, all aboard, died on January 31, 2000.

Next to the park is an entertainment venue featuring concerts, plays and events throughout the year. One special event focused on the city's asset--its beach, is the annual celebration, Hueneme Beach Festival. It is usually held one weekend in August and includes a Sandcastle Contest, games, music, food vendor booths, and fun.

Port Hueneme (pronounced wy-nee-mee) gets its name from the Chumash word meaning resting place, and the former Chumash settlements in Ventura and Malibu did put Port Hueneme in between the two.

In 1872 Thomas R. Bard called it Hueneme as he planned the town but it was changed to Port Hueneme in 1939 when a port was constructed. Port Hueneme officially incorporated in 1948.

Located on the California Central Coast 60 miles northwest of Los Angeles and 40 miles south of Santa Barbara, Port Hueneme is 12 feet above sea level with a land area of 4.4 square miles. Its weather is Mediterranean with less than 13 inches of rain on average annually, and temps ranging in the 70s most days in the summer.

One of the most unique Chambers of Commerce is the Port Hueneme Historical Society Museum and Chamber of Commerce located in the Bank of Hueneme building. The building is located at the corner of Hueneme Road and Market Street.

Home to the US Navy facilities in support of the naval air station at Point Mugu to the south and San Nicolas Island 60 miles offshore, Port Hueneme boasts the Construction Battalion, the Seabees, and one of 15 U.S. Navy Navy museums, Seabee Museum.

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