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Rolling Hills

The gated City of Rolling Hills sits on the hillsides of Portuguese Bend, a windy portion of the Palos Verdes Peninsula where you notice the coastal highway dips and warns that the road is subject to movement and shifting.

Incorporated on January 24, 1957, the city of three square miles hasn't grown much since its inception. Today you'll find around 2,000 people living the good life with forever views of the Pacific Ocean and Catalina Island in the distance.

Some areas of the City are prone to unstable geology which may limit onsite retention of stormwater beyond that which can be achieved by preserving pervious area and natural topography and vegetation

NO. 2 PORTUGUESE BEND ROAD ROLLING HILLS, CA 90274 (310) 377-1521 FAX (310) 377-7288 Facts About Rolling Hills Population: 1,972 Size: 3 square miles or 1,920 acres General Plan seeks to protect sensitive resources and open space lands, maintaining a balance between preservation and development. 26 miles of dedicated trails 684 single-family one-story homes, only 16 undeveloped lots remaining with an additional 13 undevelopable lots in the landslide area Minimum lot size: 1 acre; average size: 2.7 acres Zoning: residential (only) No business, industrial, or commercial zoning/use No public infrastructure: no Cityowned or maintained storm drains, roads, sewers, sidewalks Homeowners Association controls access into City and maintains roadways; CC&Rs control all easements for roadways, property perimeters and trails. Zoning Code strictly limits grading and disturbance of natural landscape, structural coverage on a lot, and hardscape; 60% of lot cannot be disturbed. Only 35% of the net lot area may be developed with impervious surfaces, including all structures, patios and other paved areas. Storm water from private

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