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Annual Events are a big part of the Town of Yucca Valley's things to do and entertainment. This high desert community enjoys having fun. With stunning scenery to inspire you each day, life is a joy!

Earth Day Celebration and Easter Egg Hunt are a few annual events the community enjoys and looks forward, to but the longest, biggest tradition perhaps, is Grubstake Days.

Public art is a defining quality of life in this desert community. In addition to the beautiful photos that are possible, be sure to spend time visiting another attraction, the Hi-Desert Nature Museum.
Collections and exhibits help visitors relate to the desert's unique natural and historical elements. Natural history dioramas displaying wildlife in the desert, an interactive Kids Korner, a mini-zoo with live desert creatures, a gem and mineral collection, Native American artifacts exhibit and a fossil collection, plus six rotating exhibits related to the local natural and historical theme are scheduled each year. It's truly a gem of and the pride of Yucca Valley.

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