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Maidu Museum Historical Site, Roseville, CA

Maidu Museum
1970 Johnson Ranch Drive
Roseville, California 95661
open daily except Sundays, small admission fee

Photo: Maidu baskets display at Maidu Museum in Roseville

In Roseville the Maidu Museum & Historic Site is an ideal part of any vacation itinerary. The beautiful museum facility includes quality indoor displays, souvenir gifts, and outdoor grounds to explore. Classes, workshops and special events are hosted there, providing reasons to go back time and again. The museum is a unique cultural haven for families and individuals who can explore the culture of the Nisenan Maidu who called this location home for thousands of years.

One highlight to the museum is the basket collection:

Maidu weavers created coiled baskets for many purposes. Fish traps, burden baskets, woodpecker traps, were woven loosely with a twining technique. The tradition of basketweaving was passed down through the generations for thousands of years from mothers to daughters, fathers to sons, grandparents to grandchildren, linking the generations to each other and to the land from with their basketry materials emerged. Today their is a resurgence of interest in basketweaving. Skillful weavers are sharing their intimate knowledge of the landscape, the spirit of the basket and the intricacies of weaving.

Another fantastic offering: Tours provided by individuals (sometimes Maidu) may walk you through the grounds and explore the various local plants that were used by natives for brushing teeth and a variety of functions--healing wounds, aid in digestion, etc.

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