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San Bruno, Calif. Parks

San Bruno Parks are an oasis inside the urban environment of the Bay Area. There are around 15 parks and recreational locations open to the public for exercise, picnics, sports activities and expansive green lawns to enjoy. City Park is your best bet for larger picnics and events as it is San Bruno's biggest park featuring a whopping picnic sites and and 2 separate play areas.

Special events take place in the parks throughout the seasons. Highlights such as the annual Egg Hunt in City Park aren't just fun, outdoor activities. They bring the community out to play--and that's a good thing!

City Park
Crystal Springs @ Oak Aves.

Located on the corner of Crystal Springs and Oak Avenue. This is our biggest park in San Bruno, there are 13 picnic sites and 2 separate play areas.

Commodore Park & Dog Exercise Area Commodore Dr. @ Cherry Ave.

As one of the City's larger parks, Commodore features play areas, a baseball diamond, picnic tables, BBQ pits, restroom facilities and a fully enclosed dog exercise area located at the eastern end of the park. Commodore park is located at the cross streets of Commodore and Cherry Avenues.

Crestmoor High Fields
Top of Courtland Dr.

Grundy Park
Cherry & Park Aves.

Named after San Bruno's first Mayor, Grundy Park features a large open lawn area, two play areas, one reservable picnic site and a restroom. Grundy Park is located on both Cherry Avenue and Oak Avenue.

Bayshore Circle Park
N. Bayshore Circle

Located east of Tanforan Shopping Center, Bayshore Park features a basketball court and play area.

Buckeye Park
Rosewood Dr. near Madison Ave.

This seven acre park nestled in the hillside of San Bruno on Rosewood Avenue and offers a beautiful setting for a picnic or just a lazy day in the park.

Catalpa Tot Lot
Located on a half acre lot, Catalpa Tot Lot offers a basketball court. The park is nestled at the top of Catalpa Way in the Rollingwood area.

Earl & Glenview Park
Earl Ave. @ Glenview Dr.

Located at the bottom of Glenview Drive, Earl Park is home to a small play area.

Fleetwood Tot Lot
Fleetwood near Rollingwood Dr.

Located on a half acre lot, Fleetwood Tot Lot offers benches, a play area, and a basketball court. The sand, grass, and blacktop area is located on Fleetwood Drive in the Rollingwood area.

Forest Lane Park
Forest Ln. @ Green Ave.

Located near Huntington and 380, Forest Lane Park features a grassy area, basketball court, play area, and picnic and BBQ area.

Herman Tot Lot
Diamond & Herman Sts.

Located east of Tanforan Shopping Center, Herman Tot Lot is home to a play area.

Lions Park
S. End 1st & 3rd Aves.

Lions Park is located next to Lions Field at the end of 1st Avenue featuring a new play structure, grass area and ball field. This park is perfect for kids to play and eat at while baseball games are played.

Lomita Park
500 San Anselmo Ave.

Located in southern San Bruno, Lomita Park is home to a picnic and play area, perfect for a family outing.

Monte Verde Park
Oakmont @ Evergreen Drs.

Monte Verde Park is home to a large open grass area where soccer games are played.

Pacific Heights Park
Longview @ Goodwin Drs.

Located on a five acre lot, Pacific Heights Park features benches, play area, baseball diamond, basketball court, and walking trail. This sand, grass, and blacktop park is located on Longview Drive near Skyline College. This park is located on Longview Drive.

Ponderosa Park
Pacific Heights Blvd @ Seacliff Way

Hidden in the hills above Pacifica, this 4 acre park features benches, a water faucet, and a play area, with the remainder of the park being undeveloped. The grass and sand park is located on Pacific Heights Boulevard just off of Sharp Park Road.

Posy Park
San Mateo @ Huntington Aves.

Located at the North end of San Mateo Avenue's downtown, Posy Park is a great place to sit and relax after shopping.

7th Avenue Park
7th @ Angus Aves.
Located on a half acre lot, 7th Avenue Park features park benches and a play area.

7th & Walnut Park
7th @ Walnut Aves.

Located north of San Bruno Avenue on 7th Avenue, 7th and Walnut Park features a Basketball Court, and play area.

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