Ware-Stanley House, Garden Grove Museum Photo

Photo by: Chris MacDonald

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Photo: Ware-Stanley House built in 1891 by Edward Ware was sold to Agnes and Arthur Stanley in 1905. The two-story building is one of the highlights to the tour of the Stanley Ranch Museum in Garden Grove. A formal parlor, dining room with family portraits, and an 1890 organ purchased by the Wares for $140 but later sold, has been generously donated back to the home as part of its authentic decor.

A ledger at the original upstairs desk reveals the prices of food: 15 cents for 2lbs butter; $1.80 for 36 walnut trees; $5.60 for 625lbs potatoes.

The kitchen was the largest room in the house and real family room, providing father's place to shave, mother's place to iron clothes and cook, can and churn butter, and the children's place to get dressed near the warm stove.

Stanley Ranch Museum
12174 Euclid St.
Garden Grove, CA

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