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Photo: Long Beach public transportation AquabusFrom its status as part of the largest port in the nation to its water taxis, Long Beach is one of California's progressive cities in providing transportation to get around both on land and sea. AquaBus water taxi known for its bright red color goes between five ports. Fare is quite affordable-- about $1 (subject to change.) For updated schedules and pricing see lbtransit.com

Riding Aquabus is easy. If you traveled to its destinations by car you would have to pay for parking at Queen Mary and many other places. Aquabus is part of a water transportation system that also includes Aqualink, a high speed Catamaran that travels out in the Pacific Ocean between several Long Beach destinations. Aquabus, however, stays within the calmer waters of the bay.

Ports of Call for Aquabus

Aquarium of the Pacific at Dock 4
The Queen Mary
Shoreline Village at Parker's Lighthouse
Pine Avenue Circle at Dock 7,
Hotel Maya

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