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Stock Photos by Debbie Stock sh0ws Long Beach skyline taken from park next to Queen Mary ship

Long Beach Pictures Galleries

Aquarium of the Pacific Photos


5 Penguins  |  Family

Penguin Above  |  Crowd

Display  |   Girl Points   

Lightrays  |  Curator

Penguin frolics  |  dives

Penguin pecks  |  smiles  

Swims  |  grins

Stripefish  |  Yellowfish

Aquarium tank |  tunnel

Long Beach Aquatic Vessels

Boat Gallery 1  |   Gallery 2

Alamitos Rentals  |  Rowing

Paddle Boat  |  Duffy Boat

Port Freighter Aqualink

Gondolier  |  Paddle Boat

Jetski   |  Aquabus  

Kayaks  |  Launch Ramp

Marina  |  Paddle Boat

Peddlers  |  Sabots

Fire Boat  |  Paddle Boat

Shuttle  |  Ski Boat

Standup Paddle

Boat Tour   |  Boat slips

Tug Boat  |  Wind surf

Long Beach Entertainment 

ComicCon  |  Batman  

Joker Picture

Queen Mary Dark Harbor


Clowns  |   Mime

Scary Mary  |  Portrait

Ring Master  |  Scary Clown

Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden  

Gallery  |  Bride  

Deck  |  Dragons

Girl  |  Blue Heron

Irises  | Bridge

Koi Pond  |  Maple Tree

Water Lily  |  Pagoda 

Feeding Koi

Legendary Long Beach BBQ Fest Pix

Ladies  |  Lagoon

Food Stand  |  Crowd

Rib Tasting  |  Dancing

Rib Combo  |  Clap Hands

Self Serve  |  Cold Beer

World Champ  |  Good Times

Food Line  |  Shade

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