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Photo: Blue Heron stands on rock and waits to stalk his prey--fish in the koi pond.

It's alive with color! A beautiful blue heron stands on a rock and watches at Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden. A large pond is filled with healthy koi fish--just the kind of food that this big heron will relish. Staff at the facility keep an eye on the bird but there's not much they can do to shoe him away. After they lock the gates for the day, he can come back any time he likes and have his way!

For guests visiting this free admission Japanese garden on the campus of Cal State Long Beach the sights and sounds of nature bring excitement and pleasure. The beautiful blue heron is part of the surprises you may find when you visit.

Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden
1250 N Bellflower Blvd., Long Beach, CA
(562) 985-8885

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