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Aquarium Penguin Swims with vibrant green background

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Aquarium of the Pacific Penguin Habitat

A Magellanic penguin swims in the tank at Aquarium of the Pacific Penguin Habitat. You can see some of the brown feathers that create as painted pattern on the mostly black and white penguin that has a white underbelly and black coat. For photographing the tank and habitat put out a green color that contrast with the birds so you can see them quite well. When you take pictures, the penguins move fast so you have to either stand back or anticipate their quick movement coming past. Videos are generally easier in showing them and their motion.

The Aquarium features only a few exhibits that specify "No Flash Photography" but it seems kind to use as little flash as possible and stick with natural light. The aquarium tanks and exhibits contain a lot of glass which is known to reflect the flash, creating bright spots in your pictures.

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