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Soul Centered in Ojai, CA

Soul Centered A Metaphysical Shoppe and Event Center

311 N. Montgomery
Ojai, CA 93023
(805) 640-8222

Owner Diane Silvester has built a business based on soul journeys and soul searching. She owns a beautiful shop filled with books, artworks, crystals, statues, destiny cards (does readings), and the grounds include a large geodesic dome structure for meetings, plus a front courtyard with a garden where you can go to remove the pent up frustrations in your life (Diane shows people how to do it.) She mentions that her spiral shaped garden is built in a counter-clockwise pattern.

According to the former Hollywood talent (she worked in the film industry both in front of and behind the camera,) Ojai has been called a spiritual vortex and is one of the key spots on the planet for personal evolution. Though seemingly a normal small town, you'll often find reference to "energies" in and around Ojai that the native Chumash were well aware of utilized in their every day lives.

Silvester realized she was on to something when she moved two Ojai (approx. 90 minutes north of Hollywood in Ventura County) and the postal worker mentioned the vortex to her.

She began exploring the spiritual aspects of the place by contacting local Chumash Elder Julie Tumamait-Stenslie and was told that "every mountain has sacred significance. Our people have lived here at least 10,000 years and the prayers and respect for Mother Earth are everlasting."

On her own spiritual journey with a move away from Los Angeles area, Silvester noticed that many people she met claimed to find peace in the Ojai valley and experience breakthroughs in their own personal discoveries.

"People come from around the world for spa retreats, to attend special events, learn meditation, yoga, techniques of alternative healing and personal discovery," says the business owner who helps guide many who find the path to her business on Montgomery Street.

"Perhaps, an invisible signs above the valley might say something like 'Oh-Evolve!' "

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