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Commerce, CA, Only City in L.A. with Outlet Mall

The City of Commerce is located approx. 10 minutes from downtown Los Angeles. Its primary tourist attraction is The Citadel Outlets shopping center, built from an historic tire factory complex that provided thousands of jobs to residents beginning in 1929. The factory was sold several times and quit producing tires in the 1960s-70s.

Today Commerce is partially an affordable residential city and does still contain commerce and commercial enterprises.

With a population of just over 13,000 people, and 94% Hispanic, the City of Commerce demographic creates a unique place with many ethnic restaurants and stores that surround the Citadel mall, certainly the most popular destination in the area.

Formed in 1960, as a General Law city, Commerce is approx. six miles east of downtown Los Angeles and spans an area of around 6.6 square miles. One of its amenities is a free fare municipal bus system which carries close to 1 million passengers annually, and doesn't charge any fee to ride the bus!

Among its park and recreation, Aquatorium provides recreational swimming, weight and aerobic facilities, competitive swim and water polo programs with activities starting at age 6 months to senior citizens. Aquatorium is home to the state-recognized Commerce Swim Team.

Outside the city in San Bernardino mountains, Commerce operates Camp Commerce, a youth and family camp owned and operated by the City of Commerce. Residents can book camping sessions throughout the year and take the family to experience fresh pine air. Located .25 miles from Lake Arrowhead, the camp program provides bus transportation to and from the camp, local transportation, meals and sleeping accommodations. The camp has ten two-story cabins, a lodge, pool, basketball and volleyball courts. Location: 465 S. Highway #173 Lake Arrowhead, CA 92352. Call: (909) 337-6680.

The City of Commerce operates the facilities previously mentioned, and four city parks, plus a senior city and Bristow Scout Hut used for scouting organizations to hold meetings. There are approx. five hotels -- three budget and two three star hotels such as Crowne Plaza Casino and Doubletree Hotel.

Citadel Outlet Mall Has Interesting History as Tire Factory

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