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Sad Eye Joe at Knott's Berry Farm

Knott's Berry Farm

7711 Beach Boulevard
Buena Park, CA 90620

When you visit Knott's say hello to Sad Eye Joe–he's been serving (on the wrong side of the law) a LONG time! He's locked up in a jailhouse in Ghost Town, where he's been sitting since 1880. If you peek through the bars on his door into the darkened room, he'll talk to you. He might ask you if you'll let him out of there, so beware! Here's some of his fan mail: You Bum – How come you let me down by getting yourself thrown in the hoosegow? I told you I had struck it rich in the claim on the creek here, but no, you had to have yourself thrown in the clink for horse stealing. Fine-you bum–but let this be the last time. Kiss those bar girls goodbye and puck up the redo long johns of yours cause I'm a running to get you! Your pal, Beansy Dear Joe– I been sitin here at the church in my wedding dress waiting for you sense June. I know you don't like to hurry but this is ridiculous. Have you had a change of hear or has something delayed you? I am getting kinda lonesum so I will wait just six more months and then I am to go out and find me another man. I aint nobuddies fool, you know! Your sweetie, Amanda Jane Howdy Sad Eye -- After the sheriff hauled u off to the hoosegow Slime and me cleened out yer cabin. Ther was enuff empty wiskey bottles to bild us a bottle house rite here in Wahoo City. The townsfolkd is so gratefull to u tha they is all gonna show up for yer hangin. Yer pall ferever, Moonshine Mullligan of the growing theme park.

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