Universal City, CA Things to Do


Whether visiting or living in this California destination, there are many things to see and do. Here are attractions, activities and events of interest:




Universal Studios Hollywood Grinchmas Christmas celebration

and the annual Burrito Bowl contest during Cinco de Mayo are both worth checking out.





One big reason to visit Universal City is what the entire being of the city is about—Universal Studios Hollywood! From the annual scare thriller event, Halloween Horror Nights held in September and October, to the new attractions and events at City Walk, there's always something happening in the film industry, and Universal City offers the inside edge on "what's new".

The Backlot Tramway Tour of actual stage sets for famous movies is one of the best methods for getting an introduction into the industry. For
those who don't enjoy tours but just need to stay with the group or family,
you can spend your day around the piano bar of a CityWalk restaurant.

CityWalk is the free entertainment dining & shopping district where guests must pass to enter the theme park. Many tourists who don't have time to see the themed Universal Studios attraction go to CityWalk for dining, movies, and many free concerts and events in the plaza. Top musical acts have appeared in free performances at CityWalk, so it is actually an attraction unto itself.

Universal Studios Hollywood is worth visiting, especially since the public spends so much time in front of televisions watching the results of the countless productions that actually can fool children and adults into believing the fantasy is real. Behind the scenes tours provide a small glimpse into the cement, factory looking buildings where illusion comes to life. It's a great ride with some entertaining floods and crashes along the way. Get on board!

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