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Californians Celebrate Earthquakes, Testicles and Bigfoot

Published on: August 22, 2019


Pictured: Labor Day Weekend brings out the Sasquatch brigade at the annual Bigfoot Days Parade with this year’s theme: BIGFOOT GOES TO HOLLYWOOD!

Californians may seem a little crazy with our Bigfoot festival, multiple testicle festivals and Earthquake Fest — but recent news has an estimated 2 million people pledging to storm Area 51 in the Nevada desert on Sept.20, 2019 — to see aliens! They must have not gotten their fill and thrill at the recent Bridgeville UFO Festival in California.

For those who know that aliens and artificially-intelligent robots are already living among us, the Area 51 campaign to storm a secret military base may seem dated and passe. So why pretend that you’re doing something dangerous and cool in Nevada, when you can be in California where earthquakes are a constant danger? Why not attend a festival this week which actually celebrates a “BIG ONE” that destroyed a town? Winters Earthquake Festival is an annual gathering of food, music and merriment — it’s where the townsfolk own it and say that “It’s OUR Fault!”

Each year SeeCalifornia likes to do a round up of crazy festivals in California that actually make sense when you study the reasons and logic behind them. These indigenous celebrations based on local events and interests aren’t so crazy when you realize just how many people want to see, learn and experience the wild side.

Crazy California Festivals

Come to California to celebrate natural disasters, fog, spiders, poisonous plants, death (Dia de Los Muertos,) and so much more!

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