Arroyo Grande Swinging Bridge is Short- Built by Newton Short

There's something special about walking across bridges-especially suspension bridges that swing. A one of a kind suspension bridge on the Central California Coast in the town of Arroyo Grande (Spanish for "big creek") offers a unique walk experience in the Village Green. If you've walked across the Capilano Suspension Bridge in Vancouver, B.C., you'll find the Central Coast, California bridge doesn't rock quite so much. But this smaller bridge is ideal for all ages-even toddlers holding dad's hand. 40 feet above the Arroyo Grande creek, the bridge is around 171 feet in length and rocks ever so slightly.

Built to span the creek and connect land that Newton Short owned, the bridge first opened in 1875. Today the bridge connects downtown with a residential neighborhood and historic schoolhouse on Short Street, which was named for Newton Short and his good deed.

The town residents of Arroyo Grande loved the bridge so much, they built sides for it in 1911, making it safer for pedestrians. The small suspension bridge had to be replaced in 1995. It is a popular tourist attraction and a place where locals and chickens hang out. Yep, there are chickens and roosters living near it, though we've never seen them crossing the bridge where more chickens live in a yard on the other side.

For other suspension bridge walks in California, be sure to visit the fabulous Sundial Bridge in the Redding and the famous Golden Gate Bridg in San Francisco.

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