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Arroyo Grande Roosters & Chickens

Fact: Only one of its kind in California
If you were a rooster or a chicken, wouldn't you want to hang out in a place where you could roam free, be fed by daily, and have a nice little shack to call home?

Arroyo Grande is just the kind of place you might want to check out--if you're a rooster or a chicken.

Similar to Fair Oaks outside of Sacramento where the chickens have free reign, and everyone breaks for chickens crossing the road, Arroyo Grande on the Central Coast near Pismo Beach likewise honors its cute little chicks and hens by slowing down near City Hall, where they like to roost on the fence posts and back near the creek with the Swinging Bridge.

The last time we visited, there were some alley cats giving the chickens the evil eye. Someone had built little huts for the chickens to sleep in (a nice touch) on the upper banks of the creek. It's been a while since we've driven by the Swinging Bridge, so we can only hope that the roosters and hens or their children are living happily like they have done for decades in charming city known for its Memorial Weekend Strawberry Festival, and other such delights.

When you go: Arroyo Grande downtown is filled with eclectic shopping and dining. Be sure to stop by the Chamber office and get directions on finding the wineries outside of town. Down beautiful country roads are some of coast's finest wineries, well worth a visit!

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