Buildings to See in California - L.A., San Diego & San Jose Top 3


If you're visiting the biggest cities in California by the numbers, population-wise — Los Angeles, San Diego and San Jose, there are countless things to see & do. Most people head for the beaches in the top two most populated cities, L.A. and San Diego, and the beach is where you'll find one of our favorite architectural attractions-Hotel del Coronado, an historic hotel and beach resort where you can spend the night, or just visit and gawk, if you like.

In Los Angeles, the beaches offer many unique attractions, but one of the most amazing architectural wonders in L.A. is located in the heart of city. So stunning and shiny is the Walt Disney Concert Hall, there doesn't seem to be a description for it (architecturally speaking) other than ‘Symphony in Steel'.

In San Jose, a sprawling destination that grew as high-tech industries likewise expanded after WWII, history plays a large role in this Bay Area city's architecture. The most unique attraction and tour in San Jose is the Winchester Mystery House. The mansion is an oddity filled with mystifying architectural features. Tour guides actually warn guests not to wander from the tour or they can be lost for hours in a maze of rooms, hallways, and doorways to nowhere.

Each of our favorite big city tours requires about an hour to explore, and two out of the three are free admission, with only the Winchester Mystery House charging to see inside. If you want to learn more about these favorite haunts (two out of three are REALLY haunted-Hotel del Coronado and Winchester Mystery House)'s more information!

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