California Artist Debra Huse Says Plein Air Painting is Just Plein Fun


Debra Huse travels and participates in plein air competitions around the nation. The owner of Debra Huse Gallery, Balboa Island (in Newport Beach) is one of California's best plein air painting promoters, hosting her very own Just Plein Fun event which culminates in a Brush Off on Marine Avenue, usually held the first week in August. The Brush Off is happening from 4-6 p.m., August 6, 2011 (

This award-winning artist has created an event that invites the public to pick up a free passport, then travel around the island on foot, getting signatures from participating plein air artists while they paint local scenes that are for sale. From sailboats, waterways, bridges and bays, to the beautiful homes and back alleys of Balboa, the charm of the Island is captured by top plein air artists. The public gets to watch them paint their masterpieces that are framed and sold as the show finishes.

Plein air is a term taken from the French "en plein air" or in the open air, to describe painting outdoors in the elements. Plein air artists are a unique and talented breed. They absorb it all, from sight to sound, from temperature to atmosphere, and then channel those feelings from head to hand, re-creating their impressions with paint on paper or canvas.

Plein Air Events in California: If you miss the Balboa Brush Off event, it is scheduled to return again in August 2012. Other upcoming 2011 plein air festivals and paint outs are planned for Los Olivos, San Luis Obispo, Stockton and Laguna Beach. There are many plein air workshops being offered, as well. It's never too late (or too soon) to try your hand at plein air painting!

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