City of LA Made in Mexico


When visiting Los Angeles, California, do you ever get the feeling it was made in Mexico? Sometimes when you look down to the paved ground, the manhole covers actually say, "City of LA Made in Mexico". It simply is a matter of fact, as shown in the photograph of one such manhole cover in San Pedro, a region of the City of Los Angeles.

Why would LA be made in Mexico? Los Angeles has quickly become the largest city population in the United States of Mexicans. The Mexican population is the largest faction of residents of Hispanic descent, and if there's any doubt how much of LA is made in Mexico, visit downtown L.A. Olvera Street is the best known tourist trap in downtown L.A., but when you book a hotel room, shop in a store, or do anything at all, there's most likely a Mexican worker in the kitchen of the restaurant, making your bed at your hotel, sewing clothes in manufacturing facility, and utilizing the public transportation system, especially the city buses.

Los Angeles is approx. 150 miles from Mexico, and though the region was owned by Spain less than 200 years ago, Mexico likewise claimed some portions of Southern California on what is now the U.S. side of the border. If you sense that LA was made in Mexico, it partially was and still is.

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