San Luis Obispo Bubble Gum Alley- Disgusting Fun!


San Luis Obispo, Calif.-You can visit Belize to see demonstrations of how gum is made from the rubber tree plant. You can visit Wrigley Memorial dedicated to the gum magnate who once owned Catalina Island in Southern California. And when you're thoroughly finished with your gum, you can make a deposit on a wall in San Luis Obispo on California's Central Coast.

Slightly disgusting but a whole lot of fun, the bubble gum wall compels visitors to stick their wad of chewing-gum-pleasure on a special spot in downtown San Luis Obispo. Tourists come to see this icky place, but it really is kind of interesting when you notice all the colors and shapes on the gum wall.

When you want to see a part of California that's a little offbeat, we can't think of a better spot than this attraction in a college town that has a reputation for being slightly beyond ordinary.

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