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San Luis Obispo County is one of the great Central Coast cities with a rich heritage that spans the California Missions era. Today you can visit Mission San Luis Obispo, California located in the heart of the city and downtown shopping region. A set of steps and amphitheater overlooking the a creek that runs through the city provides a special place for concerts and events.

San Luis Obispo Bubble Gum Alley also located in the heart of downtown is a special tourist attraction where you can go and deposit your bubble gum on stone walls between two buildings that overlooking the Ross Store.

Every Thursday evening downtown closes its streets and features one of the oldest farmers markets and street fairs in the U.S. This event includes the famous tri-tip BBQ, bicycle rides, and bands performing.

San Luis Obispo is a youthful, charming destination because of the college, shopping, history, street fair and wine region that surrounds the city. It has been a popular destination ever since the First Motel in the World in San Luis Obispo opened in the early 20th century, providing the modern from of travel and vacationing where each family / guests could park their vehicles next to their hotel accommodations.

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