Diane Silvester Helps You Get Centered at Soul Centered in California

It looks like a little pink house with a lavender garden, water fountain, blue skies and mountains in the background. Inside the "home" is a store where you can go to get help becoming "Soul Centered". Location: 311 N. Montgomery, Ojai, CA. (805) 640-8222. soulcentered.com

Need to get rid of the bad vibes when someone flipped you off at the intersection? Need to remove the anger from imgsthe conversation you had with your mother or spouse? And why are you constantly yelling at your kids? It doesn't have to be this way, says Diane Silvester, owner of a store called Soul Centered. She built a garden in front of her shop and will teach you in approx. 30 seconds how to walk and talk that bad experience out of your mind, then ask for good things to come into your life. Within one minute you can reverse your direction and be happy.

Proprietress Diane Silvester doesn't consider herself a guru, but she does spend her life now studying how to become a better, happier person, and she's built a business around that concept so she can help others discover the tools that have provided her guidance and assistance in her personal soul journey.

Diane Silvester packed up and moved away from Hollywood, leaving a film industry career behind when she launched Soul Centered in Ojai seven years ago. She thought she was doing the right thing and she kept getting signs. After she arrived in town, a local postal worker asked her if she felt the vortex. Read more...>

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