Let the Greek Season Begin, and We Don't Mean Frat Boys!

As summer approaches and the "Greeks" at fraternities around California head home, the REAL Greeks are just warming up the coals and preparing some tasty, toasty celebrations that showcase their somtimes misunderstood culture. Does it seem like life is a party? When you attend a Greek festival, the constant dancing, infectious laughter, abundance of delicious Greek dishes, and tasty beverages such as licorice flavored Ouzo will have you saying Opa! On May 20-22, 2011, Orange Country Greek Festival is one such event in Anaheim.

Stereotypes abound about the Greeks but we've never attended a Greek festival where the food wasn't great and a happy atmosphere didn't constantly surround us. Greek festivals are mostly self-produced events by church parishes and other organizations as fundraising efforts to build a new church building or some other cause.

The family atmosphere is apparent when you watch volunteers pitch in to produce a Greek festival. They break a sweat cooking thousands of Spanakopita (filo pastries, filled with a blend of spinach and feta cheese,) Dolmades (grape leaves rolled with seasoned ground beef, herbs and rice, then topped with lemon sauce,) and Moussaka (similar to lasagna). But what Greeks show in the task is passion..for food, for people and for life. That passion is what makes many of us wish we were Greek.


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