Happy St. Patrick's Day & ShamROCK to You!

While Ireland gets the glory on St. Patrick's Day, California gets to play! Pictured is Sharkeez in Huntington Beach, one of the St. Patty's Day hot spots for celebrating the green. With more bars per capita than most other cities in Orange County, Huntington Beach recently received media attention when trying to put a slow down on the bar service in its downtown Huntington Beach restaurants. However, if you are seeking to enjoy pure, unadulterated fun, it's one option in a smaller California town to celebrate.

Of course the big party is happening in San Diego at ShamROCK. There's all new entertainment this year, so go check out the biggest St. Patrick's Street Party on the West Coast!

Finally, you can't go wrong celebrating in Los Angeles, San Francisco (one of the top Irish pub spots), and Sacramento, of course.

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