Hollywood Christmas Parade Still Hanging in There & Entertaining the Crowds


The Hollywood Christmas Parade which is held this weekend in Hollywood, has a long tradition and started out as a great concept–to promote Hollywood in the off-season before the Rose Parade in Pasadena steals the show and the buzz begins for the Grammy Awards in the spring.

The parade has had a tough go some years and its survival has been on the table more than once. But people absolutely love the parade during a time when hoards of tourists are visiting from around the globe. They’re looking for stars on “The Boulevard”, seeking to experience the warmer California weather, shop Rodeo Drive which features Swarovski Crystal Elements that line the streets this holiday, and visit Santa Monica & Venice’s famed beaches.

This year the Hollywood Parade is a “go” and aglow with soap opera stars, and Grand Marshal Marie Osmond. Perhaps like the many soap operas that have faded, the concept of a Hollywood Christmas Parade has over-lived its time. We think it’s a great idea and hope that it gets an infusion interest from those who can make it happen–Disney Studios, Universal Studios, etc. Of course, that would require some orchestration and cooperation!

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