Live Like a Hearst in New Hearst Castle Tours


Shown is Hearst Castle where tourists can now take it easy in luxurious settings. Located in San Luis Obispo (SLO) County, the locals say the like to take the new Hearst Castle tours SLO & easy!

Have you visited the Hearst Castle and loved it, but felt slightly disappointed by the limited access and feeling of being herded on the tours? You are not alone! Now there are new tours that allow you greater access and ability to roam like the zebras and wild animals on the Hearst Castle grounds. You won’t get up and personal to those lively creatures, but you will have a chance to wander the gardens much as famous philanthropist William Randolph Hearst and his Hollywood guests might have done.

3 New Tours at Hearst Castle:

  • Grand Rooms Tour – includes the ground floor of Casa Grande including the Assembly Room, Refectory and Billiard Room
  • Upstairs Suites Tour – includes Hearst’s private suite, Library and Guest Suites
  • Cottages and Kitchen Tour – includes the wine cellar, kitchen and guest houses. In addition, visitors who have purchased a tour will now be able to stroll the gardens and terraces at their leisure, view the iconic Neptune and Roman Pools, and enjoy the views of the surrounding coast and mountains just as Mr. Hearst's guests did.

Hearst Castle is located in San Simeon, California. There are a handful of hotels for tourists to stay (my favorite is the beach-front Best Western Cavalier,) or you can stay nearby in Cambria, a very popular destination. Hearst Castle is operated by California State Parks. You can park at the Castle and take a tour of your choice, though it’s recommended to pre-book your date due to the crowds. This is one of California State Park’s top tour attractions!

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