Looking for Fun in All the Right Places


The world can be dreary if you listen to the news. EMPs (electromagnetic pulse) weapon threats, terrorist acts, chem trails, pollution, inflation, body scanning x-ray machines, unemployment, national debt, GMOs (genetically modified) foods spliced with rat genes and Round-up ready poisons injected for unhealthy consumption. It’s enough to make you sick. But there’s an anecdote that can lead to longer, healthier living. Exercise! California’s the place to get out and see the world–and have fun while doing it. The truth is, seeing California leads to exercise, happiness and a longer life.

Pictured are thumbnail photos of things to do in California in 2012. Here are just a few suggestions for you:

  • Take a cruise. Ports include San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles and Long Beach.
  • Ride a bike. You can rent them in San Diego, Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, Redondo Beach, Venice, Pismo Beach, Pacific Grove and many more exciting spots.
  • Catch a sunset. Just step out your door and into the real world. Not much exercise is required for this, but it does get you away from the computer.
  • Rent one of those umbrellas and head to a beach. Californians are never more than 4 hours from a beach. There are beaches on the coast (1,000 miles of them) and beaches at lakes–Tahoe has some nice ones!
  • Paint a scene. Everyone has an artist inside him or her. All you need are a few items–paper or canvas, paint & brush, chalk, pen & ink, or even pencil. If nothing else, it provides great exercise for motor skills that many of us have lost with the advent of computers.
  • Surf. It’s amazing to find out how easy surfing can be. Lessons are offered at popular beach locations, with the rental set-up and lesson costing $50-100. If you want to learn on your own, rental is much less.

More things to do & see in 2012:

Fishing (fishing is free on California public piers,) sunbathing, swimming, kayaking and bird watching. One of our favorite is bonfires. Bring your own wood, light it up and cook some food on sticks–hot dogs & marshmallows for s’mores. Yum!



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