Lucia Lodge in Big Sur Coast – Modest Digs, World Class Views


Lucia is a bend in the road, a mountain top vista with a cluster of businesses on Highway 1 in Big Sur. People generally don’t make it their final destination, but it provides a worthy road stop for those who are hoping to stay in the coastal mountains to enjoy the view at Lucia Lodge–and you better enjoy the view because there’s not much else to do–no cell service, no TV, no shops, no stores and only the restaurant on site that charges up to $20 for a hamburger! Oh, but there is wi-fi. Good enough!

If you know all this going in, and are prepared to pay no less than $165 for a room after you have settled up your bill, then you’ll probably be delighted that you stayed at Lucia at Lucia Lodge. Located in Monterey County at around 354 feet elevation on the western slopes of the Santa Lucia Mountains, which peaks at an elevation of 5,200 feet, Lucia is approx. 48 miles from the entry point at Carmel, 30 miles from the southern entry at San Simeon, and approx. 22 miles from the Big Sur Valley. It’s too far away to take a leisurely trip from the hotel to dine elsewhere. Although it is slightly remote, it sits next to the busy Highway 1, which means there can be traffic noise and construction at times.There is no direct access to the beach from the hotel but there are some access paths nearby.

Why would anyone stay there? This region of the Big Sur Coast is spellbinding & mesmerizing to see, and Lucia has a great history. The views are world class. It’s all about the views at Lucia Lodge. That’s the big draw. (

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