Pink Moments in California


I was walking down the street behind a gorgeous blonde-haired mom, pushing a baby stroller. Her tight exercise pants had the word emblazoned across the buns — PINK.

I had to think about that. Pink–what is it? It’s a color, right? But maybe pink is something more. Here are some California ‘pink moments’ to contemplate, chomp on or celebrate. Are you in the pink?


  • Top Left shows Pink Pigs at a farm display, showcased at one of California’s County Fairs. The fairs have ended for 2011 and 2012 fair dates have yet to be released, but for those who attended a fair, pigs were looking well fed and quite pink.
  • Top Right photo shows a Pink Convertible seen at many car shows in California. It sometimes wins prizes. It does the color pink proud.
  • Bottom Right Photo shows a Pink’s Hot Dog. A California tradition, Pink’s dogs are absolutely delicious. Betty White has one named for her preference–The Betty White Dog is described as bare, naked. Nothing on it.
  • Bottom Left Picture shows Ojai’s Pink Moment just before the sun goes down. It turns everything you see pink. What a trip!


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